I was appointed by WorldVenture in November 2010. I am grateful to be a part of a mission organization which has such a great track record of service for the Kingdom of God.
WorldVenture is a mission organization with over 60 years of experience. They have over 500 missionaries serving in more than 70 countries. WorldVenture was founded on biblical principles and continues to hold fast to these in all that they do. WorldVenture's vision statement is:
We see people of all nations transformed by Jesus Christ through partnership with His church. 

WorldVenture 5 Global Objectives

1. Evangelizing the People of the World We communicate the full scope of biblical truth—especially the Gospel—in word and deed, desiring to see as many people as possible become fully engaged disciples of Jesus Christ.
2. Extending Grace
We alleviate human suffering and minister to practical needs by providing food, clothing, medicine, shelter, education, economic development and other necessities wherever we share the Gospel, as did Jesus.
3. Establishing Churches
We establish vibrant local churches. Since building His church is central to Jesus’ purposes on earth, the churches we develop are devoted to planting other churches, fostering church-planting movements all over the world.
4.Equipping Leaders
We train dynamic and passionate leaders—missionaries and pastors, as well as in business, education, government, mass media, the arts and the sciences—well-equipped to make disciples locally, regionally and globally.
5.Encouraging Mission Movements
We partner with believers, churches and other Christian organizations to create international networks and mission movements actively engaged in spreading the Gospel “from everywhere to everywhere.”

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