Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I guess this is what a lot of kids, and maybe some adults, are experiencing during this time of year. I'm experiencing it in a very different way, but with no less excitement. I'm still very hopeful about leaving for Cambodia in February and anticipating seeing the Lord at work in making that happen. I'm anticipating some mixed emotions too as I continue to say goodbye to friends and family, but having seen photos of my new place in Cambodia I'm eager to get there and get settled in. I'm looking forward to jumping into language learning and building relationships in my new community to facilitate that process. I'm excited to be able to be with my colleagues in Children in Families, both expat and Cambodian, and to meet the children and families they are currently serving. Please pray with me that my eager expectation will be met with the Lord's provision for a February departure and that any potential obstacles to this will be removed.