Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Cambodia Update #1 (pre-field)

I can’t believe how close this is to happening! Beth and I leave on June 6, less than a month away now. We have purchased our flights and now I’m trying to work on some of the other details like getting all my shots and recommended prescriptions, figuring out what to take, planning for the class(es) I’m supposed to be teaching over there, and getting spiritually prepared. I’ve also had to work on wrapping things up at work – it’s been hard for me to say good-bye to all of the great families and kids I work with at THERAPY 2000 since I made the difficult decision to leave this job permanently rather than just taking time off for the trip as I originally had planned. I love the job, but realized that I’m just spread too thin the way I’ve been dealing with work & school. I need a job where the hours can be a little more consolidated.

Here’s what we know right now about our time in Cambodia:

  • We leave June 6 and will return July 28.
  • Our first week will involve a lot of orientation to the language & culture.
  • We are going to be working regularly with Daughters of Cambodia, the organization I mentioned in my original letter which assists girls & young women trapped in the sex trade industry. (
  • We will be teaching for half days for a 2-week period at Logos International School (June 15-26). (
  • We will be helping out at Children of Peace orphanage doing art & crafts, teaching English, or whatever is needed.
  • We will be introduced to a few other ministries and possibly have some opportunities to help out with them, including Samaritan’s Purse.
  • I am planning to meet with some people working with/ministering to people with disabilities while we are there, though there are not a lot of formal opportunities set up at present.

So, I’m sure we will have plenty to keep us occupied and that the time will go very quickly. At the same time, being in such a different place for this length of time will be a big adjustment for me. Though I’ve tried to mentally prepare for this for a long time, now comes the test of actually doing it!

That being said, thanks so much for praying for us! Specifically:

  • Praise the Lord for the wonderful financial provision we’ve received (and thanks to all of you who have been a part of that)
  • Praise the Lord for working out the details and allowing everything to come together so far – it’s been an amazing journey already.
  • Pray for our continued spiritual & practical preparations for being there.
  • Pray for my preparation for the Logos school teaching assignment – (that’s one thing that’s way out of my comfort zone and I’m still trying to get clarification on what exactly I’m supposed to be doing.)
  • Pray for safe travel.
  • Pray for good team relations as we meet our mentor and other short term team members who will be there while we are there.

We will have access to an internet cafĂ© there and I’ve plugged everyone’s e-mail addresses into my online g-mail address book so I can send updates from the field every so often. I have a friend putting together a prayer calendar for us, so I’ll try to get that out to all of you before we leave.

Thanks again for joining in this ministry through prayer. I look forward to seeing God do some amazing things.

Grace & peace,