Children in Families

I am working for a Christian non-profit, non-governmental organization called Children in Families. Here is some information about this important ministry:
Vision: To see a nation-wide network of Cambodian families and communities responding to the needs of children at risk, thus breaking the cycle of the overuse of institutions in Cambodia
Mission: To empower local, Cambodian families to provide permanent solutions for abandoned, orphaned, trafficked, abused and institutionalized children.

Children In Families works to:
   - identify, screen and train biological families for kinship care
   - identify, screen and train families for short-term, long-term or permanent foster care
   - provide on-going training and support for families in providing a nurturing environment for children, giving special attention to the needs of neglected, abused or disabled children
   - raise awareness and educate others on the need for family-based care as a first response to children in crisis

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Watch this video to learn about the need for family centered care in Cambodia and other parts of the world: