Monday, August 4, 2008


That's a familiar feeling for me it seems. All too often it has to do with my difficulty dealing with my human weaknesses & limitations. Like realizing how much I have to do before I leave for Russia in a few weeks and forgetting that I don't have to rely solely on my own strength to get it done. Recently, though, I had one of those "overwhelmed" experiences that are not a result of dealing with my own weaknesses, but of seeing the God I trust working in His mysterious ways; knowing He's up to something, but not being exactly sure what. It was a few weeks ago at a meeting with my Launch group (missions group at church). There was another PT there whom I hadn't met before. I won't go into all of the details, but basically several things came up which seemed like potential answers to recent prayers. One of the things that really stood out as "a God thing" was that she had been in contact with a PT that she heard about in an article in a free PT magazine. That PT has done some work in Congo and is putting together a team of PTs to go back. What was funny was I had read the same article, tried & failed to reach that PT, then months later found the article again. I thought about just tossing it because I have so much clutter to deal with, but I really felt compelled to hang onto it, and not just that, but to try again to contact that PT. I did manage to find her phone number online that time and left her a message. Okay, I know this is getting to be a lot of detail - but, I'm just trying to convey how strangely "cooincidental" this all seemed and why it left me feeling.....overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by the concern the God of the universe has in including me in His plans. overwhelmed by His ability to guide my steps when sometimes I feel so lost. Overwhelmed with trying to understand what it's all going to mean for me, but then realizing I don't have to. That's when it's good to be overwhelmed.